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First and foremost, I want to make it clear that my primary focus, God will is informing people of Jesus Christ. Guiding people to Jesus. I aim to inform both the informed and the uninformed about how Jesus healed my body when it was deteriorating year after year, month after month, until I felt that my last day had arrived. However, I revisited an old recording and realized that I need to take the verses more seriously; hence, I'm naming this section:  "theology," a term used for those further from God, and worse, Their Savior, Jesus. I'll explain why the photos on the menu are in this range. Once the uninformed get to know the Savior, they can understand why I consider God my sustenance, thanks to Jesus Christ. 

"In addition to my ministry and entrepreneurial pursuits, I am channeling my efforts into a definite purpose - ''Fruit Stores and Stations.' This venture holds a special place in my journey, as it signifies a dedicated commitment to a specific domain that resonates with my values and goals. Inspired by the success story of David Pumpkin Seeds, a story that found its roots in Fresno, and other notable entrepreneurs such as Kirk Kerkorian, who achieved remarkable heights in the business world with a net worth of over 15 billion dollars as the owner of MGM Grand, may he now rest in peace, and individuals like Alan Autry, who made his mark as both a theater star and a former mayor, along with Jerry Dyer, the 'Rookie Cop' who evolved into an 'Awesome Police Chief' and now holds the position of 'Awesome Mayor.' These stories have motivated me to create a platform that promotes access to fresh and healthy foods while nurturing a sense of community. Lastly, figures like Stewart Resnick, even if not native to Fresno, serve as motivators in entrepreneurship, with businesses that have made a significant impact within Fresno County."

"Building upon my primary focus, which is to inform people about Jesus Christ and guide them towards Him, I also engage in multifaceted professional undertakings. This includes acquiring and distributing various items with the express purpose of generating funds, an ongoing initiative. This dual-fold​ endeavor serves the purpose of sustaining both my ministry and the budding 'Forward Company.' While I'm in the process of procuring items, it is my sincere intention to remunerate individuals by extending a portion of the profits.


Currently, my primary focus is on transactions in the automobile sector, marked by its fluidity and market dynamism. It's worth noting that I've established a referral program, designed to accommodate interested parties without requiring an upfront financial commitment. This program is complemented by a constantly evolving inventory of vehicles."

"Furthermore, in parallel with my ministry and entrepreneurial pursuits, I am actively engaged in a series of investment activities, reflecting my versatile interests and a pursuit of continual self-improvement. These investments, while currently underway, are not bound by a specific chronological order. It is important to clarify that my genuine interest in these engagements is rooted in the intellectual stimulation and bright prospects they offer. In essence, these ventures serve as stepping stones towards the eventual realization of my comprehensive vision for the future."

"Publicity represents another facet of my current activities in which I invest significant time. Collaborating with exceptionally talented designers, my objective is to support their endeavors in expanding their client base. Simultaneously, I am dedicated to assisting businesses and companies in effectively promoting their ventures, both online and through in-person initiatives. This commitment spans across a spectrum of domains, ranging from lifestyle to home services. This integrated approach aligns seamlessly with our overarching mission of creating meaningful and lasting change within our communities."

"My real estate activities are not merely theoretical aspirations; they are actively shaping my present journey. I have assumed a pivotal role in the capacity of a real estate guide, meticulously attending to the unique needs of both sellers and buyers, along with their respective negotiators. The essence of my role is to enhance the landscape of real estate representation. By connecting the public with specialized agents who focus exclusively on either the seller's or the buyer's perspective, the specter of conflicts of interest is appropriately dispelled. My guiding principle in this facet of my journey is to explore the intricacies of real estate processes, foster meaningful connections with the public, and facilitate access to exclusive agents who illuminate the transactional realm "Of particular note is the ongoing establishment of a comprehensive support network that enables exclusive agents to serve as a wellspring of invaluable insights for clients. This privileged vantage, extending beyond the ordinary, empowers clients to navigate the complex real estate market with a discerning eye, securing an edge in their transactions. The framework I have set in motion ensures that clients receive expert guidance and experience a more transparent, informed, and equitable transaction.""The cultivation of in-depth relationships with the public is a significant component of my current activities. This is predicated on the belief that a well-informed public is better equipped to make informed decisions. My primary modus operandi in the realm of real estate transactions is to facilitate fruitful interactions between clients and property professionals. This approach ensures that clients receive exclusive insights, thereby furthering their interests."

"In the present, my efforts encompass the domain of real estate wholesaling, including both residential and commercial properties, as well as various other categories. Collaborating with my dedicated assistants, we work harmoniously with collaborative investor buyers present in our extensive buyer's list. The overarching objective is to direct the returns of these activities towards my ministry and the nascent 'Forward Company.' I am committed to the mission of breathing new life into various communities by strategizing with an array of local businesses and companies."

At Forward Company: "In addition to the existing facets of my journey, my commitment extends towards a visionary initiative designed to mold the emerging leadership of our native-born residents, particularly within the communities where they were raised. This ambition is intricately aligned with the core objectives of the Forward Company, which encapsulates three distinct dimensions, each dedicated to fostering a more prosperous and vibrant local landscape.

Building Relationships with Businesses and Companies: Central to our vision is the establishment of enduring partnerships with local businesses and companies. The strategic orchestration of advantages is a hallmark of our approach, which aims to benefit not only these enterprises but also the communities they serve. We believe in synergy and shared progress. Our concerted efforts are directed towards several key domains, where collaborative success can be realized.

1. Events: Our vision extends to the dynamic realm of events. In partnership with DJs, promoters, and other event professionals, we endeavor to create memorable experiences for the community. These gatherings will serve as vibrant focal points for local residents, offering entertainment, education, and networking opportunities.

2. Youth Employment Initiatives: Another pivotal dimension of our mission is the promotion of youth employment, an aspiration shared by the public, businesses, and companies. We are actively working to provide opportunities for young individuals, both in terms of job placements and entrepreneurship internships. Our efforts aim to equip the youth with valuable skills, instilling a sense of pride and purpose in their communities.

3. Real Estate Advancements: The realm of real estate holds immense potential for community transformation. Our endeavor is to collaborate with real estate agents, especially those who specialize in particular fields, and real estate investors. Together, we seek to attract a diverse array of visitors, rejuvenating the charm and vitality of our regions. Through strategic investments and revitalization efforts, we aim to rekindle the allure of our communities.

Laying the Foundation for Future Success: Our strategic vision encompasses the broader ambition of attracting tourists and residents alike to the diverse events hosted in each community. This inclusive approach is poised to unlock unprecedented profit potential, redirecting investments back into our communities. By nurturing local talent and expertise, we seek to diminish reliance on foreign investors, ensuring that the financial benefits remain within our own communities.

Unlocking the Potential of Two Recognized Hubs: Our transformative journey is notably centered in the vicinity of two of the most recognized cities in the world – Los Angeles and San Francisco. These hubs serve as our epicenters for change and growth, guided by the invaluable support of our organization. In due course, we intend to explore the multifaceted world of multi-family housing, further enhancing our environments and extending opportunities to our youth.

Focusing on Small Communities and Rural Regions: Our ultimate goal is to reach youth of everywhere inclusing those in rural and small communities, where our impact is needed most. By improving access to jobs and enhancing overall well-being, we aim to discourage engagement with secular or detrimental influences, such as substance abuse or harmful media consumption. In essence, our mission is grounded in creating meaningful and lasting change within our communities."

This comprehensive vision, in alignment with the Forward Company's core principles, is an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to local prosperity, sustainable growth, and transformative change. Join us in this journey of reinvigorating and revitalizing our communities."


"I am actively seeking individuals who are willing to participate in and champion these initiatives, as it is through collective effort that we can ensure the enduring success of our mission. I encourage your active involvement in disseminating information about this endeavor amongst the native populace of Fresno County."

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